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It all started when…

I stared NarratusCreative four years ago, but under a different name... that no one could remember. I knew it when I went to the Chamber meetings and other networking events. People were looking at my name tag while trying to talk to me, which meant either they had a problem or I did. Then I had a video chat with my sister-friend who lived in Atlanta at the time. She began by saying, “Denise, I don’t even know if I can have this conversation with you…” I told her to let me have it. So she did. She said, “Look, I’ve known you for how many years and I can’t even remember your business name. You’ve got to change it.” So, while I loved 3DLCpro – our family moniker – it was time to for me to “Let it Go…” and retool with a logo and brand that identifies what exactly I do. 

It actually was an agonizing process… I came up with many, many name ideas. I prayed. I drove my family crazy. I wrote business names on my whiteboard and in my notebook. I typed them into Word and scribbled them on the back of envelopes and napkins. I Googled domain names and even purchased several that I’ll probably never use – if you need “yourcreativecousin.com” - let's talk.

I polled those closest to me and asked trusted mentors/advisors.  I took my first list to my business advisor. Immediately he began scratching names off the list, one by one. "No. No. No... did you think about how that would sound if you were answering the phone and someone couldn’t actually see the name?" It was bad. This was my early market research.

The problem was that I really enjoyed many of the tasks that the word "Marketing" connotes, but at the same time I knew I needed to hone in on the one aspect that I am truly passionate about. I was missing the forest for the trees, so to speak.

One morning I found myself sitting in a client’s office. We were talking about the potential ways I could help his business with a project. He asked me the question I dreaded most at that point in time: “What do you love the most about what you do?”

I will remember this epiphany for many years to come. I was situating myself in a chair in his office when the realization hit me – my passion is Story.

Everyone has one. Some are simple. Some are complicated. Some stories need to be told with care, while others need a megaphone; but everyone has a story.

I want to partner with people who have a story to tell. Those who believe in what they do and want to make an impact. That impact could be in the community, the nation or world through sharing his story or her story. 

Story connects. Story motivates. Story informs. Story brings value. You have a story. MAKE IT EPIC!