MyWhy is the platform to share it.

MyWhy is a product of NarratusCreative that creates a space to share why you do what you do. I say it over and over again, but story connects, engages and adds value in ways nothing else can. We offer several ways to use this program.

MyWhy for Ministry is a way for the church body to share the reason for their hope through short video clips for use in church services, digital signage, social media and websites. These clips are are meaningful for the church as well as the individuals who share their story. A powerful tool.

MyWhy for Ministry can be used to:

  • Build community
  • Foster more involvement within the local church
  • Draw more people toward the core
  • Share story
  • Highlight ministries of the local church
  • Give honor to those who serve



MyWhy Services Include:

  • Custom logo: $200

  • Custom music: $200

  • Custom intro & outro: $200

  • TOTAL Package: $450


MyWhy for Business is the place for business owners to engage customers in a unique way - by sharing your heart and explaining the passion behind why you do what you do. Allowing potential customers to connect  on this level creates an atmosphere of trust not often found in business.

MyWhy for Ministry can be used to:

  • Build trust
  • Further your brand
  • Draw more people to your product
  • Share story
  • Highlight employees or services
  • Talk about community involvement